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After completing The Dark King we thought we’d let you all know what we thought of the second instalment of the The Fae Trilogy.

Here’s a collection of reviews from the Fae fans around the world.


The second part of the Fae trilogy does not disappoint. Picking up the story a few months after the end of Fae, The Dark King follows Devilyn as he continues to push away his on true love, Caroline the Light Queen while accepting what the Fates have in store for him.

With evil closing in from all sides, and a new boy in town competing for Caroline’s attention, Devilyn is torn between light and dark. When Caroline learns the truth of her background she refuses to let Devilyn push her away and accept their love.

The Dark King is full of different threads, twists and turns that are surely leading up to a finale where everything comes together.

– Elaine, UK


The Dark King had me hooked from start to finish.

After the ending of the first book, I knew the second in the trilogy would be just as breathtaking with plenty of anticipation and a climax!

With new characters and old, ones I love to love and ones I love to hate, I enjoyed spending more time getting to know them all through CJ Abedi’s addicting series.

In a book that made me laugh and cry, it’s a must read for any fantasy book lover.

– Zoe, UK


The Dark King picks up where FAE left off,  Devilyn assumes his role as King, but his heart is not in it,  how can it be when all he can think about is Caroline.  He’s still as swoon worthy as he was before, brooding, tormented, and confused. I feel on love with him all over again but at the same time, I felt sorry for him.  He has the great responsibility of the throne, but he knows that means being away from Caroline

He’s still making decisions that he feels is best without consulting Caroline, so for most of the book, they are operating around each other like strangers!  Caroline still has feelings for Devilyn but feels as if her memories have been a dream.

Caroline seemed a lot stronger in this book.  She’s less willing to put up with Devilyn’s moodiness.  She loves him, and although the pieces are a but fuzzy, it seemed liked she slapped some sense into him!  Thank God, all you’re going to want is for these two to be together.  Not even the temptation of a handsome new stranger keeps Caroline from Devilyn!

I highlighted most of the book, everything that came out of Devilyn, Caroline, Odin, and even Alderon’s mouth I loved!!! I didn’t appreciate Odin’s wisdom and his love for Devilyn in FAE.  There are some foreshadowing moments between Odin and Devilyn that had me in tears! Alderon is still on his campaign to destroy Caroline, Odin, and Devilyn.  He has the help of a few new characters who run a muck, causing all types of havoc, with a promise of more to come in book 3!

The feels you will have while reading this book…I’m so glad I had a support system via FAE Trilogy UK and FAEnatics SA! From the minute I began this book, I was swept away into the magik, that I don’t want to end!  I. CAN’T. WAIT. for book 3!  The Dark King is another masterpiece from duo CJ Abedi!

– Jaclyn, USA


The pace was fast, filled and exciting from the start. After the abrupt ending of Fae I was very excited to see where the story would lead and how the actions of characters from the first book would pan out. I knew from the first book that I loved the character of Devilyn but it was interesting to see how his character had changed from how he had been in the earlier book, one thing that hadn’t changed though was his love for Caroline.

In this book Devilyn is trying so hard to stay away from Caroline now he has become the Dark King but as Fate would have it eventually their paths would cross. As per the end of the first book, Caroline has no memories of her time with Devilyn and has started back at school a long with her friend Teddy. Through actions out of both of their grasp, Devilyn’s path crosses over with Caroline’s as yet again he does everything in his power to keep her safe from the Dark and even from himself.

There are new characters introduced as well as the growth of the characters from the first book, The Dark King is bound to keep you entwined deep within the story of Devilyn and Caroline and their struggles against their Fate.

– Sam, UK


On finishing the first book of The Fae Trilogy I was left on tenterhooks waiting for the second book. I was lucky enough to receive a copy to review two weeks before the release and started reading within minutes.

The book picks up, with pace, from the start and like the first book follows both Caroline and Devilyns point of view.

The mythology throughout the book is so well researched, it makes the story more ‘real’.

I fell in love with the characters again, cried, girly giggled and may have even shouted at the Kindle on more than one occasion.

A brilliant second instalment which has left me waiting in anticipation for the final book.

– Dani, UK


There are not enough words in the English language to describe how much I loved this book.

Devilyn Reilly has now crossed over to the darkness and become “The Dark King. It consumes him but there is that tiny ray of light called…Caroline Ellis. As much as he tries to forget her, he can’t!
Caroline, heir of the Light Fae, is struggling to survive without the love of Devilyn. In typical teenage manner, the moods between the two of them change constantly! She loves him but is trying to move on. He loves her but won’t be with her as he is now Dark. You want to take these two and say in Cher “Moonstruck” fashion…”SNAP OUT OF IT.”

We meet some new characters in this book which cause tension and trouble, but of course the old one’s return. Odin gives his ever loving advice to Devilyn. And Dana returns to try accept what cannot be. And, *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*, Alderon is BACKKK! *FAINTS* You have to read to find out how!

We see a lot of development of old characters including Tara, Devilyn’s mother! The scenes with her and Devilyn will give you the feels!!!
Out of the two books in the FAE series so far, this is the best! I don’t know how CJ Abedi managed to top FAE, but they did!
Cannot wait to read Book 3 but also don’t want this series to end. *sobs*

– Kerry-Ann, SA


Fae Fan Casting: Devilyn Reilly

We’ve all been thinking about who our perfect Devilyn Reilly would be and a popular choice by fans (and by the authors Colet and Jasmine!) is actor and model Derek Theler!


Could you see Derek running through the football field and studying in the diner? If so, who do you suppose would make the perfect Caroline Ellis? And who do you picture as Teddy and Odin?


Let us know in the comments, you can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Book Review: ‘Mad Love’ by Colet Abedi


23-year-old aspiring artist Sophie Walker can think of no better place than the exotic paradise of the Maldives to escape the wrath of her controlling parents, the monotony of her boring legal work and her passionless boyfriend. With her two best friends along for the ride and to help her find herself again, Sophie is not prepared for the enigmatic Clayton Sinclair. Clayton comes from another world of privilege that seems like a fantasy to Sophie. Can this man introduce her to the passion & seduction she never realized she was desperately searching for? Sophie quickly becomes ensnared in Clayton’s seductive web until a shocking treachery makes her question her judgment and actions…

It’s not often that you’re hooked to a book from page one, but with Mad Love, I was; I absolutely adored it!
Art-loving Sophie is a brilliant and likeable main character, carrying you through the book with ease, along with best friends (and couple) Erik and Orie. When Sophie convinces them to pack up and fly to the Maldives for a soul-searching vacation, surely it could only get better… Enter the mysterious, gorgeous gentleman, Clayton Sinclair.

Just sit back and imagine that, leaving your troubles at homes, staying on a small beautiful island, meeting the perfect stranger, being pampered in the Spa and drinking Tequila with your best friends… (“Could you die?!” I hear Erik say!)

This book had me hooked (the kind of hooked where you start having withdrawals if you’re more than 30 feet away from your Kindle) from start to finish, not only have the characters been brilliantly created, but the storyline is great and holds well, giving depth to each character, with surprises along the way, too!

Without giving anything away, let me just say that I absolutely cannot wait for book two. The only question left is, what are you waiting for? Check-in and join Sophie on her trip to the Maldives!

If you love romance, style and humour, I would definitely recommend Mad Love. With Sophie’s beautiful innocence, Erik’s style and wit, Orie’s (more subtle than Erik’s) honesty and sexy stranger Clayton, prepare yourself to laugh, sigh and swoon throughout the book! Just one warning… It will make you want to splash out on a holiday to the Maldives (but then, who wouldn’t want that, right?)

Mad Love by Colet Abedi on Amazon
Book Review by Alicia

Fae: Book Review


We asked readers of Fae to give a review of the book. We particularly loved this one. Read for youself and see if you agree!

I absolutely loved the book so I hope this gives it justice 🙂


What can I say ? This book is a such a good read I managed to read through it in just over 48hrs; impressive because I am currently on maternity leave with my six month old whilst also having a 3 year old and a husband and a boat load of housework !!.

The story between Caroline and Devilyn is just like your typical teenage romance but with a fantastic majik twist 🙂

Caroline is your typical bookworm character who’s life is turned upside down by a history project and a stunningly handsome boy Devilyn.

Devilyn is your stunningly handsome and talented jock with a twist. He is tasked with bringing together the light and the dark but can he do it ? Or will the darkness inside him win and will his fate with Caroline be lost forever ? (I hope not)

As you progress through the book you read typical scenarios that any teenager goes though, liking someone but do they like me back, rejection, popularity. The way in which the authors wrote the book it doesn’t feel at all cliche or done before because you get so wrapped up in the characters and their impending fate. You need these throwbacks to reality in order to relate to them and they help keep the story current although they’re are a lot of references to Greek mythology and Gods.

In other series of books I’ve read it has been completely one sided and your left wondering what the other character is feeling but C & J Abedi have written it from both Caroline’s and Devilyn’s point of view allowing you to engage with both and willing them on, to each other.

The power struggle between light and dark is a main storyline in the book with one winning at the end of this book but throughout you do question which is going to win overall, which makes it interesting and gripping.

The ending is a cliff hanger that will leave you wanting so much more and praying that it doesn’t end there……. Which it doesn’t because May 2014 book 2 comes out and even the synopsis of that will give you a clue 😉

So overall a fantastic read for all ages to relate to and a book that will leave you wanting more. A love story that is finally written without all the perfectness; it has flaws and holes like every romance but will it be the romance to unite dark and light or will darkness take over :/

Charisse Fleming

Author Playlist: Music that Inspires

London Cries

You all know that the music of Toby Rand’s band ‘London Cries’ appears in the book so we asked Fae authors Jasmine and Colet what other music inspires them. Here’s what they told us.

“Because we both listen to different types of music and often send our picks back and forth to each other of good songs….songs that get us in the mood to write. We LOVE anything London Cries.”

My favorites include:

Anything Lifehouse
One Republic

“If a song gets me in the mood to write I usually listen to it over and over again…pretty crazy” 🙂


London Cries
Hans Zimmer
Loreena McKennit
Yo-Yo Ma
The Piano Guys
Last of the Mohicans soundtrack

We have become pretty fond of London Cries too and can relate to ethereal sounds of Enya!! Which artists or songs have reminded you of Fae? Check out one of our favourites from London Cries – Save a Life

‘Fae’s’ Star Studded Launch Party


The mystical faerie world merged with Hollywood nightlife as Tamsin Lonsdale’s world-famous Supper Club and Tequila Avion hosted the FAE book launch party. Held at swank hot spot Sadie Kitchen and Lounge, guests came in their best “light and dark” garb to celebrate the novel’s fantasy themes, which has been billed as a possible successor to the Twilight series.

Authors Colet and Jasmine Abedi (known as CJ Abedi for the book series) kicked off the evening with a VIP cocktail party, where master mixologist Giovanni Martinez demonstrated how to make each of the Tequila Avión cocktails that were created especially for the party — all of which were named after important characters from the book.

The stunning co-host for the event was actress Nicky Whelan (above). She was joined by a guest list of beauties, including Chad Michael Murray (also above), Colin Egglesfield, Robert Buckley, Chelsea Kane, Derek Theler, Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi Glanville and new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast memeber Carlton Gebbia. Party patrons were also treated to a private musical performance by Australian rock band Toby Rand and London Cries.


Have you Pre-Ordered The Dark King Yet?

The Dark King (Large)

Darkness descends over Roanoke Island in the sequel to the young adult bestseller, FAE.

Devilyn Reilly has crossed over to the sinister world of The Dark Fae, reigning over the realm as its King. He is to fulfill a prophecy–to unite the Light and Dark Fae once and for all, but those who love him now fear that he will never be the same again, that he can no longer be trusted, that every trace of the Light he once had is gone forever.

Caroline Ellis, the final heir of the Light Fae, must learn to survive without the protection of her one true love. She must come to embrace her own strength to evade those in the Dark court who seek her destruction—for the power is within Caroline to use Light to change Fate itself…

Caroline and Devilyn’s chemistry is undeniable. Their destiny together inevitable if only they have the will to overcome The Darkness and The Fates.

THE DARK KING, the second installment of the stunning Fae trilogy propels readers into the mystical and magical world of the Light and Dark Fae, where star-crossed love ignites a battle between two powerful kingdoms, one that can consume everything that stands in its path.

The Dark King due for release on May 6th 2014, can be pre-ordered for kindle download now.

My soul has always felt the battle. Always known what was to come. But never did I imagine the darkness that would consume me so completely without shame or fear…..#theDARKking #May2014

Amazon UK

Interviews with Colet and Jasmine Abedi


Colet and Jasmine Abedi did a few interviews last year and we thought that we’d share our favourite questions from each. To read the full interviews check out the links after the interview.

Q. Please tell us about the inspiration for your current release.

There were so many reasons we decided to write this series, but the catalyst was really our obsession with the stories of the Tuatha de Danann. Irish mysticism is pretty cool when you really take a look at it. It’s so rich with story that it lends itself as the perfect backdrop to an epic romance between star-crossed lovers.

If you could be any character in Fae, who would you be and why?
Jasmine: Wow.  During the process, you honestly fall in love with all of the characters, but to “be” one of them is a tough one to answer.  For me, I think it is a toss up between Caroline and Devilyn. Given that Fae is told from the eyes of Devilyn and Caroline (our hero and heroine), they occupied so much of my mind so I feel such a sense of relatedness with them.  I adore and admire Devilyn’s loyalty and Caroline’s grace, even though they are flawed in so many ways their core is pretty amazing.
Colet: This is a difficult question because I love so many of the characters. But I think for me the character that I’d love to trade places with would be Odin. He’s the ultimate hero in my eyes. He’s strength, honor and love. Imagine being someone that can see past human or Fae flaws and still have all of that unconditional love? It’s pretty awesome.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Colet: The hardest part for me is when Jasmine and I aren’t on the same page. When you’re writing as a team you’ve got two different personalities, opinions… everything. And combine all that with being sisters, it’s especially hard. I can be stubborn and it’s hard for me to budge when I believe in an idea so much.

Jasmine: I think writing in general can be a very lonely process.  As I said earlier, you may be living with many characters in your head, but you are physically alone. So, it’s nice to have a writing partner, especially a loved one.  However, like most siblings, we also argue quite a bit especially about our ideas for the book. We are different in so many ways, and yet we like a lot of the same things as well. It’s when the differences arise…

Are there any books you would recommend to fellow bloggers and readers out there?
Jasmine: I’m a big fan of Judith McNaught.  In fact I am totally obsessed with her books and wish she would come out with another one, as it has been a while. I just finished Sophia Kinsella’s “Can You Keep A Secret,” and it was really funny and am working on One Tiny Lie (per my sister’s recommendation). 
Colet: I just read One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker and I totally enjoyed it. I also finished Beautiful Disaster, which I loved and then there’s always Paradise by Judith McNaught.

Q. Please tell us a fun-fact about yourself!

Colet: I’m a triple Pisces 🙂

Jasmine: I’m a Gemini (which means I’m probably a double Gemini since Gemini is the sign of twins).

What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Jasmine:  The best part about is that you escape from the monotony of everyday life.  The world you’ve created in your mind makes its way onto paper and finally finds a home.  There’s no greater feeling.

Colet:  Writing. Once we have an outline and have done the research, I love nothing more than just sitting down with my music playing and  getting lost in this fantasy world. It’s the ultimate feeling.

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

We hope they enjoy FAE Book 1 as much as we enjoyed writing it. There is so much more to come for Caroline and Devilyn and we’re excited to take the readers on the ride.

Catching Books Interview
The Bibliophilic Book Blog Interview

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