Fae: Book Review


We asked readers of Fae to give a review of the book. We particularly loved this one. Read for youself and see if you agree!

I absolutely loved the book so I hope this gives it justice 🙂


What can I say ? This book is a such a good read I managed to read through it in just over 48hrs; impressive because I am currently on maternity leave with my six month old whilst also having a 3 year old and a husband and a boat load of housework !!.

The story between Caroline and Devilyn is just like your typical teenage romance but with a fantastic majik twist 🙂

Caroline is your typical bookworm character who’s life is turned upside down by a history project and a stunningly handsome boy Devilyn.

Devilyn is your stunningly handsome and talented jock with a twist. He is tasked with bringing together the light and the dark but can he do it ? Or will the darkness inside him win and will his fate with Caroline be lost forever ? (I hope not)

As you progress through the book you read typical scenarios that any teenager goes though, liking someone but do they like me back, rejection, popularity. The way in which the authors wrote the book it doesn’t feel at all cliche or done before because you get so wrapped up in the characters and their impending fate. You need these throwbacks to reality in order to relate to them and they help keep the story current although they’re are a lot of references to Greek mythology and Gods.

In other series of books I’ve read it has been completely one sided and your left wondering what the other character is feeling but C & J Abedi have written it from both Caroline’s and Devilyn’s point of view allowing you to engage with both and willing them on, to each other.

The power struggle between light and dark is a main storyline in the book with one winning at the end of this book but throughout you do question which is going to win overall, which makes it interesting and gripping.

The ending is a cliff hanger that will leave you wanting so much more and praying that it doesn’t end there……. Which it doesn’t because May 2014 book 2 comes out and even the synopsis of that will give you a clue 😉

So overall a fantastic read for all ages to relate to and a book that will leave you wanting more. A love story that is finally written without all the perfectness; it has flaws and holes like every romance but will it be the romance to unite dark and light or will darkness take over :/

Charisse Fleming


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