Characters: Who’s Who in The Dark King



Devilyn Reilly – Quarterback, The Dark King – son of a Light Fae (mother, Tara) and Dark Fae (father, Alderon) “he had a tanned glow, dark hair and obsidian eyes”.

Caroline Ellis – 16 year old straight ‘A’ student with a hidden past – raised as a human but really heir to the kingdom of the Light Fae – “Chestnut brown hair and blue grey eyes”.

Famous – Caroline’s pet dog. Caroline found Famous abandoned by the side of the road. He is a 6 year old Pomeranian.

Light Fae

Odin – Norse God, takes on the role of grandfather to Tatiana and Devilyn after taking them in as children.

Brighid – The Great Mother – who tells Devilyn of the prophecy.

Arthur – Caroline’s biological grandfather – Fae. He was banished in the yew tree for eternity.

Virginia – Daughter of Eleanor Dare and Arthur, mother of Caroline.

Tara – Devilyn’s mother Princess of the Light Fae.

Hero – Tara’s dog a German shepherd.

Rowan – Renowned warrior of the Light Fae. Suffered an unknown fate from Alderon and his followers.

NB: The ROWAN tree was thought to be  magical  and give protection against malevolent beings!
The tree was also called “wayfarer’s tree” or “traveller’s tree” because it supposedly prevents those on a journey from getting lost.

Dana – Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann.

Dark Fae

Alderon – Current King – leader of the Dark Fae.

Tatiana Reilly – Devilyn’s half sister – daughter of Alderon but raised by Odin and the Light Fae.

Katya – Dark Fae with her sights set on Devilyn.

Puck – Alderon’s servant.

Manteo High School

Teddy – Caroline’s best friend, he is later attracted to Tatiana Reilly.

Brian Baker – Quarterback, boyfrined of Jordana until Devilyn came along. Has an interest in Caroline.

JD Larson – linebacker

Jeff Henderson – another player

Mr Copeland – Drama teacher



The Wrath – Red headed beast, called up by Alderon to do his bidding.

Spearfinger – A heartless, shapeshifting Native American Indian creature made of stone with a slaw on her right hand.


Others – Human

Lisa Ellis – Caroline’s adopted mother.

David Ellis – Caroline’s adopted father.



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